CPA Exam Tips

Do you face challenges and hindrances while preparing for the CPA Exam? Are you finding it difficult to multitask nowadays? Do you want to cut short the lengthy study plans?
Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! First, we congratulate you for taking the step forward to gaining a global credential that is rapidly gaining popularity and is one of the world’s most trusted profession.

We, at KC GlobEd understand that these thoughts will keep bothering you until you get the right answer. To help you with this, we have partnered with Surgent CPA Review and have come up with a solution to all your challenges with some pro tips to pass your CPA Exam in 1st attempt.

Most Effective Tips to help you Pass CPA Exams:

A. Check your learning style
Key to cut short the lengthy study is to recognize what you’re learning style is. Prioritizing what we need to know and identifying what you have already mastered, it saves plenty of hours during the preparation when you know where to focus.
Tip: ReadyScore is the most reliable tool to help you gain confidence over how to take the preparation ahead. 

B. “Get Set Go”
Get – Get Surgent’s technologically advanced cost-effective study material.
Set - Complete the initial assessment phase that will help you identify your strong and weak areas and set you for your CPA exam in the most focused and organized way.
Go – Pass the CPA exam in one go.

C. Practice MCQs and Simulations
Practicing MCQs and Simulations will help you get ready for the actual exam scenario. When you mark an answer, you can read the reason of why your answer was correct or incorrect. This is a best practice and will help you in gaining confidence about the concepts.

D. Use Flash Cards
Flashcards are a perfect tool to memorize large information in small bits, so you can remember, understand and retain the information that you need to pass your CPA Exams.
Tip: Use Flashcards to expedite your revision a few weeks before your exam.

E. Attend the live classes by our experienced professional instructors
Our instructors will work with you to get you through difficult areas. They impart knowledge and experiences for explaining concepts so that you remember that on your exam day. Attending live classes can really help you pass the CPA exams in 1st attempt as all your queries and doubts are resolved immediately.

F. Attend the Webinars
Accounting and finance are industries that are evolving every day! We host regular webinars to keep the students updated on the Academic and Industry changes, Exam tips, and much more, this helps them to pass the CPA exam faster, also helping them in creating a stronger vision for their career.

G. Use the Mentor support wisely
A mentor is assigned to every student, with whom the student can have a one-on-one conversation related to their study plans, exam preparation, licensing and even career tips.

We, at KC GlobEd work hard every day to make your CPA Journey easier for you, contact our counsellors now to understand the process to become a future CPA!

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