How to choose the right institute for CMA

Choosing the right institute plays a vital role when considering to pursue CMA. With the recent increase of  the competition in the market with various institutes offering the same course, students have to be prepared and  keep in mind certain factors while choosing the correct institute for themselves, keeping in mind not only to prepare and clear their exams but for the overall growth and development of their future. Some of the factors to be kept in mind while choosing the right institute are as follows :

CMA Course Review provider : To choose a right CMA review course, aspirants should look for the following features and support:

  1. Up to date study material in line with IMA blueprints including books, video lectures, MCQ’s, and essay type questions.
  2. IMA approved CMA course review provider.
  3. Facility of time-to-time update in study material.
  4. Adaptive learning technology that can hyper personalize study plan for your individual need.
  5. 24x7 support system of review course and professional guidance.
  6. Fexible plans to purchase individual or bundle material for both the parts of CMA exam

Faculty : To choose a right CMA institute for live/ virtual classes a candidate should look for the following qualities in the faculty

  1. Relevant industry experience, if the faculty has relevant industry experience, he/she would be in a better position to share real time industry insights while  teaching to better corelate with the theories in textbooks.
  2. Education qualification, if the faculty is also a qualified CMA, then he/she would be in a better position to guide  candidates on the right path with the right appraoch towards dealing with exams which will make one ready for the exam more effectively and efficiently.
  3. Teaching style and techniques, matters a lot to understand and retain the concepts lifelong. The faculty who practices method of teaching with the use of props, images, storytelling, mnemonics, and other ways as recommended by neuro-science is always preferred  than the faculty who don’t use such tools and techniques.

Hours of study : While persuing CMA, a student should not only go by number of hours claimed by various institutes to pass the CMA exams, rather one should look for how flexible and adaptable the CMA Review course is and the faculty to meet his/her individual study needs.

Location/ Flexibility : Geography is history now, as we all know the globalization and availability of internet on things has removed all geographical barriers. So, to choose a right CMA institute candidate should look for best in class rather than nearby location. Candidate should consider availability of online/ recorded classes which provide the flexibility to study at his / her own pace and his/ her own comfortable time.

Fee structure : From a student stand point, quality education is primary objective but the cost associated with it is equally important. Every institute have their own promising fee structure towards the CMA course, so the students have to be proactive and aware of the exact fees structure and discounts given time to time for maximum benefit and not to be defrauded by any institute. Candidate should check

  1. Competitive fees, as we know quality cannot be compromised while taking decision for our career, at the same time we should also evaluate competitiveness of the fees charged by the CMA institutes.  
  2. Flexible payment options, i.e. the CMA institute  provides the facility to buy individual learning management software’s or bundle for both the exam section or not. Further candidate should also check whether the CMA institute is proving the option to purchase only live/ virtual classes for individual section of exam or bundle for both the exam sections or not.
  3. EMI/ financing options.
Feedback/ testimonials/ reviews : The best way to get a better insight of a CMA institute is through the feedbacks/ testimonials/ reviews available from the students who have already studied and currently studying. Further the candidate should also take into consideration the pass percentage of past and existing students. This acts as an advantage to get information about the faculties, how they teach, the environment, advantages and disadvantages of that particular institute. One thing to keep in mind while reviewing the reviews/feedbacks is that they should be from authentic sources  such as google reviews, student testimonials in video forms, etc.

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