Learn how Technology can save more than 70% of your study time to pass the CPA Exams.

We all believe technology bring lots of efficiency and effectiveness in what all we do and what all we see in our day to day life. Why not we should use it to make our study more efficient and effective. Want to know how?
Stay tuned to get insight how adaptive learning technology can save your hundreds of hours study time and help you pass in the very 1st attempt.

  • Adaptive Learning: ASAP TechnologyTM
  • ReadySCORETM
  • MyMCQ

What is Adaptive Learning?
You will probably hear this word a lot if you are studying or planning to study for CPA Exams, but it is hard to understand what Adaptive learning technology is and whether it can benefit you.
First, it is important to know what Linear learning method is.
In simple words, the way you have been studying all your life was Linear, starting from Chapter 1, and studying through the end, practicing all Questions you see your way to prepare for the exam.

However, when you study using Adaptive Learning Technology, the software will create a personalized learning path for you based on your existing knowledge that will focus on areas where you need to work hard, and will brush up the areas which you have already mastered.

How does Adaptive Learning create a study plan for you?
Surgent’s A.S.A.P. TechnologyTM gauges your understanding based on MCQ quiz that you will do at the beginning of a subject. Based on this assessment, the unique algorithm of the software analyses your performance in each area of that subject and will identify the areas which require your attention and the areas which require brushing up. The software will also give you a ReadySCORETMafter completing the quiz.

Fun Fact: You can be exam ready in as less as 46 hours using A.S.A.P. TechnologyTM, passing 4x faster than the other candidates.

What is ReadySCORETM?
Surgent CPA Review's ReadySCORE™ accurately indicates how much you will score on the CPA exam if you were supposed to appear for your exam today. This score keeps improving based on your overall performance in MCQs and Simulations in each section as you progress.
With ReadySCORETM, you'll exactly know when you are ready to sit for the CPA Exam as it mimics the actual CPA Exam scoring patterns and our students who achieve a ReadySCORETM of 75 or more pass the CPA Exam 88% of the time.

Fun fact: Students improve their ReadySCORETM, on average, from a 43 to an 84 while studying with us which increases the chances of passing the CPA exam way more than anywhere else!

MyMCQ - Surgent’s latest technology in Adaptive Learning
Imagine being able to not only practice MCQs but also be able to choose the level of difficulty of the questions you want to practice, MyMCQ helps you do this, and you can utilize your study time in the most efficient manner.
Fun fact: In the CPA exam’s MCQ section, the succeeding testlet can be either medium or difficult, depending on a candidate's performance in the previous testlet. MyMCQ uses the same technology, so that you’re not just ready to pass the CPA exam, but ready to ACE IT!

We all understand that Adaptive learning is the future. We believe differently and know that Adaptive Learning is the need of the hour, now with KC GlobEd and Surgent, you will be able to use these technologies at a single platform at just a click of a button.

Pass the CPA Exam 4x faster with Surgent CPA Review Course and KC GlobEd’s live interactive classes.
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