Procedure to Enroll with IMA for CMA Exams

In order to pursue the Certified Management Accountant program, candidates need to fulfill essential requirements of the IMA. The students must have cleared their class 12th exams to post that students are eligible to appear for CMA exams if they are 18 years and above. Although the certification is awarded once the candidate has completed the graduate studies and holds 2 years of work experience pre or post-qualification.

Membership with IMA - For any candidate who is considering pursuing the US CMA course first has to get them enrolled with IMA by paying their membership fees. Once becoming a registered member a candidate is eligible to give exams. One has to fill out an application form available online on the IMA website to get a membership with IMA.

Choosing a review course provider – Once the candidate has taken the membership of IMA, the next step is to choose a review course provider. Choosing the right review course provider is a very important step to take as it will help in preparing for the exam. Every review course provider provides some features which make them distinct from others, so a candidate should pick which is best suited for their individual needs.

Scholarship – Scholarships for CMAs are an excellent method to save money while working towards the goal of becoming a Certified Management Accountant. Some of the benefits IMA scholarship includes –

  1. Three-year student membership with IMA.
  2. The CMA program entrance fee.
  3. An exam preparation kit that includes an assessment tool as well as study resources.
  4. Both CMA exam’s registration fees (first attempt only).
  5. Online test bank access for two years.

Experience –In order to get the final certificate, along with the graduation degree, a candidate must have a minimum experience of 2 years in the fields of accounting or finance.

  1. Fees – IMA membership fee for students is $45 and for professionals, it is $260.
  2. The exam entrance fee for students is $210 and for professionals is $280.
  3. Exam fees – the exam fees for students is $345/ part and for professionals is $460.

Preparation and scheduling the exam –Usual time taken by a candidate to prepare for both parts of the exams is 6 to 9 months. But some may take more time to prepare as each individual possesses a different approach to learning. Once prepared, a candidate can schedule the exam in the following exam window.

January -February
May - June
September – October

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