What will be the total cost of CPA course in India?

A daunting thought always lingers in the mind of any candidate that what I should be paying for US CPA Course in India.

Here are a few tips and information that one should consider to understand the CPA Course Cost in India.

The approximate cost of studying US CPA in India can be an expensive affair.  It is explained in-depth, keeping in mind the value factor it adds to an aspirant's journey.

Review Course Provider (CPA StudyMaterial): There are several review course providers available in the market, but one should look for a course provider which matches the course content as outlined in the AICPA blueprint and should be within the budget of the individual.

Choosing the right review course provider is essential while considering studying for the US CPA exam. 

  1. One should look for a course provider that replicates the CPA exam experience, making it easy to get comfortable with the exam format.
  2. Another factor to consider while choosing a review course is to find the exam pass rate of the institute.
  3. It should be easily accessible on various devices.
  4. It should have regular updates with the new changes.

In India, the fee of a Review Course varies from INR 90,000-INR 1,00,000 approx which truly compliments the uniqueness of their features.

Faculty: Faculty vitality is the main ingredient to enhance the professional education and competence of any aspirantAn experienced faculty always enhances the academic performance of learners. A faculty with vast industry experience teaching professional courses like US CPA in India charges in the range of INR 30,000 to INR 60,000.

After choosing the right training institute for studying US CPA, it’s time for a candidate to collect his/her educational transcripts to submit to the officiating body.
The fee for obtaining a transcript varies from INR 500 to INR 1500.  

The Evaluation Fees: A candidate is required to undergo evaluation through NASBA National Association of State Board of Accountancy in order to provide academic evaluations of international coursework and credentials. The evaluation fee for Indian candidates ranges from INR 17,000-INR 27,000

The Enrollment Fee: Enrollment with one of the US state boards out of the 55 US jurisdictions is also a mandatory step. An enrollment fee with the respective state board ranges from INR 7500 to INR 12000 is to be paid.

The Examination and International Testing Fee: While appearing for exams as an international student the following accounts towards the fee which includes.
The fee for each exam section is:


$ 225

Auditing & Attestation

$ 225

Business Environment and Concepts

$ 225

Financial Accounting and Reporting

$ 225

Additionally, it also includes International Testing Fee (known as Prometric Fee) which approximately accounts for INR 1,15,000.

Exam Locations: In India, the exams are conducted in all major metropolitan cities which are:

  1. Hyderabad
  2. Mumbai
  3. Kolkata
  4. Delhi
  5. Bangalore
  6. Chennai
  7. Ahemdabad
  8. Trivandrum

The overall expenditure for US CPA for Indian students includes application expenses, examination fees, subject material fees, etc.
Which accounts for the total US CPA Course Cost in India to be INR 3,00,000 approx.
The right choice of a training institute can help in saving the money and time of a candidate and helping them clear exams in one go.

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