Be Our Counselor

A Counselor should have an empathetic personality possessing strong presentation, communication & listening skills, enthusiastic to help in finding out a bright and successful path for students. He/ She should be able to understand the needs of aspiring students and counsel them about the courses offered by KC GlobEd over calls, virtual connections and face-to-face interactions. Experience in educational counselling is an added advantage.


Be Our Campus Ambassador

The Campus Ambassador should have influencing persona allied with strong communication, presentation and listening skills. Having good understanding of framing successful roadmap for the aspiring students and counsel them about the courses offered by KC GlobEd in their Institute, College, University, Social and Professional network over the calls, virtual connections and face-to-face interactions. Campus Ambassador should at least have completed 2 years of graduation with more than 60% marks in both years. Counselor should also be fluent in spoken English and have a positive attitude of counseling the students.

Be Our Member of Teacher Connect

We strongly believe that the teachers are visionaries and guiding lights in shaping the future of generations. We value each members of our teacher connect. In this fast-moving world towards globalization, which has no restrictions of geographical boundaries to learn and grow across the globe. We encourage our members of teacher connect to join us in the mission to share direction to think globally for our students. Teachers of high schools, colleges, institutions and universities are most welcome to join us in bridging the local and international education gaps to build our nation a center of professional excellence for the world.

Be Our Instructor

Be a reason of a life changing career opportunity for the aspirants. An instructor who can think creatively, organizes and prioritizes work and possess excellent coaching skills. Instructor should be qualified with more than 5 years of relevant experience.

Career With Us

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