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Certified Public Accountant (CPA)- A US Certified Accounting, Audit & Tax Professional Course

US CPA is a globally recognised profession that provides highest accounting,audit and tax credentials. It has worldwide acceptability, with which one can make aninternational career.Inthis course candidate get an expertise in US GAAP ( US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles),IFRS ( International Financial Reporting Standards), SEC Rules & Regulations and U.S Taxation.

CPA exams are conducted by NASBA, which is an examination body of American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).Theseexams are uniform across the globe however, candidates need to take admission and fulfil the licensing requirement in any one of the 55 State Board of Accountancy in USA.

KC GlobEd provides the best CPA exam classes in India that adapt to your learning style – it’s just how you like it. The classes cover all CPA exam test question topics like law, analytics, regulatory frameworks, procedures, taxation, auditing, evaluation, ethics, planning, and management of finances. So, what are you waiting for? Look no further and book a free consultation today and see the difference.

Why Study US CPA?

  •  Certified and Licensed by AICPA, The World’s Most Renowned Professional Body
  •  Worldwide Industry Acceptability
  •  Global Career Opportunities for Practice or Job
  •  Increased Reliability
  •  Greater Pay Packages

What We Offer?

AI Enabled Learning Management Software (LMS)

Unlimited access until you pass to AI enabled LMS. Our LMS will help you in identifying the areas you need to focus and build a comprehensive personal study plan to watch expert’s videos, read book, practice MCQs and simulations for your individual needs to help you pass 4x faster in one go.

Industry Expert’s Live/Virtual Classes

Our instructors are qualified CPAs with extensive industry experience. They empower each student by co-relating theory with their practical experience and make them industry ready.


Unmatchable Counsellor Support

As we all know, there is lots of administrative activities involved in CPA journey like getting transcripts, selecting right state board of accountancy, evaluation of transcripts, enrolment and examination forms and fee submissions.

You need a buddy to help you in all these administrative needs. We have a dedicated team of counsellor, who will be your buddy in this journey and help you in all processes

100% Placement Support

After qualification or even before we provide you 100% placement support in big4 and other MNCs across the nation.


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US CPA Exams in India

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