What is US CPA Course?

The US Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is an accounting course governed by the AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) and designated for highly qualified accountants. It is one of the most globally recognized certifications for accountants. To be eligible for a CPA license, one must meet all the requirements of the state board, including education, experience, and US Certified Public Accountant exam. The US CPA Course Details states that it has its own Board of Accountancy that regulates the CPA profession by providing them with a license.


US CPA Exams Eligibility:

The US CPA Exam eligibility has three primary requirements known as the 3 E's: exam, education, and experience. Advanced education is one of the key qualifications for taking the exam.


  1. In order to be eligible for the US Certified Public Accountant Exam, you inevitably need to have 120 credits. But you must fulfill the minimum requirement of 150 credits in order to complete a registration for a US CPA license.
  2. Students will normally receive 30 credits each year after graduation. Obtaining a master's degree in commerce, accounting, or finance is one option to finish the 150-credit requirement of the US Certified Public Accountant Exam.
  3. In the context of Guam, a specific provision enables master's degree candidates to acquire 30 credits in advance during their first year of graduation. By validating this clause, students can qualify for US CPA Exam eligibility.
  4. Candidates need to pass all four subjects with a minimum of 75% to get the CPA certification.
  5. Applicants must also have some accounting experience in order to obtain a US CPA license.


US CPA Course Syllabus

The US CPA course details consist of a syllabus, eligibility, and fees. Each section has its own specific content areas and weighting. The specific US CPA course syllabus and detailed topics within each section are regularly updated by the AICPA and NASBA. The US CPA Exam consists of four subjects:

  1. Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR)
  2. Audit and Attestation (AUD)
  3. Regulations (REG)
  4. Business Environments and Concepts (BEC) 

The US CPA course syllabus includes a wide range of subtopics, including engagement planning, internal controls, financial management, federal taxation, ethics, professional responsibilities, and many more.


US CPA Course Fees

It is critical to understand the exam terms while studying for the US Certified Public Accountant Exam. In this section, we will look at the various components of US CPA course fees in India, providing a comprehensive overview to assist aspiring CPAs in navigating the financial aspects of the certification process.













* Please keep in mind that international testing fees do not apply if you are taking the CPA exam in the United States.

US CPA Exam in India

In comparison to the Chartered Accountant (CA), the US CPA exam in India offers several advantages. Firstly, the duration of the US CPA course typically ranges from 6 to 12 months, which is relatively shorter compared to the CA program in India.

Moreover, achieving a CPA qualification opens up opportunities for lucrative placements in multinational corporations (MNCs) with attractive compensation packages. Additionally, obtaining a CPA designation provides individuals with the opportunity to work abroad. In summary, the US Certified Public Accountant exam outshines the CA program in India in terms of course duration, placement opportunities in MNCs with favorable remuneration, recognition as a US accountant, and the chance to pursue a career abroad.


US CPA Course Prometric Locations/Centres in India

The US Certified Public Accountant exam is a globally recognized certification that is highly valued in the accounting industry. It is a rigorous exam that tests the knowledge and skills of aspiring accountants in various areas of accounting and auditing. If you are planning to take the US CPA exam in India, you must register with Prometric, the testing agency that administers the exam. Here are the US CPA Course Prometric Locations/Centres in India.

  • Hyderabad
  • Ahmedabad
  • Bengaluru
  • Kolkata
  • Chennai
  • Mumbai
  • Gurgaon
  • Thiruvananthapuram






Levels of toughness




Levels of toughness




Paper Pattern


Objective + Descriptive



Auditing, Public Accounting, Taxation, Financial Reporting

Auditing, Accounting, Taxation

Management Accounting, Financial Management


Global Recognition

Global Recognition, focused in UK and EU

Global Recognition

Exemptions for graduates

No exemptions (Level playing field)


No exemptions

Work experience required for license


3 Years

2 Years

Hiring organization’s location

India & Global

EU, UK, Middle East

India & Global

License validity

Global (Can practice in India too)

Few Countries (Cannot be practiced in India)

Global (Can practice in India too)


Note: The US Certified Public Accountant exam allows individuals to practice in India, while the ACCA qualification restricts practice to only a few countries and not in India. The US CMA exam enables practice in India and globally.


How KC GlobEd helps you to be US CPA ready

Unique Technology

While preparing for the US Certified Public Accountant exam, we provide you with a real-time score and help you identify your areas of strength and development by providing you with a tailored learning program.


Access Until You Pass

In the US Course Details, we provide professional bite-sized video lectures as well as unlimited mock tests and essay-type questions.


Pay As You Need

The US CPA Course fees vary depending on how you want to pay; we have three options: first, separate purchase options where you can pay only for the software or for the live classes; second, a bundle purchase option; and third, a financing option.


Mentor and Counsellor Support

During the evaluation or admission process, you receive support from counselors, as well as assistance in obtaining licenses or certificates.

Job Opportunities after US CPA Course

There are numerous Job opportunities after US CPA course. Some of the career paths that can be pursued after obtaining a US CPA Exam include:

  • The US CPA Course designation provides numerous career opportunities for finance and accounting professionals.
  • They are widely respected and considered specialists in accounting, auditing, and taxation after passing the US Certified Public Accountant exam.
  • The CPA designation is internationally recognized, allowing CPAs to work in different countries.
  • Many high-profile positions require or prefer candidates with a CPA designation, indicating trust and reliability.
  • CPAs often receive higher salaries compared to non-CPA accountants.
  • The US CPA in India can earn an average annual salary of around INR 7,00,000.