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Certified Management Accountant(CMA) is a professional management certification awarded by the Institute of ManagementAccountant (IMA). CMA credential helps individuals become proficient to work in management accounting,financial management, financial analyst, cost accounting, data analytics and strategic management domains.

US CMA Course Benefits

  •  GlobalAcceptance and Recognition – IMA has its presence in 10 countries and more than 1,50,000 members across the globe. The course and curriculum designed by IMA for CMA course is based on global industry acceptance benchmarks which provide global acceptability and recognition to US CMA course.
  •  Learning from Anywhere - The CMA offers proctoring for exams which means one can study and appear from exams from anywhere in the world.
  •  Time saving – As compared to other similar professional courses, CMA has only 2 exams.US CMA exam can be completed in 6-9 months, whereas other professional courses take around 2-4 years. Therefore, it saves huge time for any candidate.
  •  CMA Course Fee in India – The overall cost of completing the CMA is much less than compared to other professional courses in India which make this choice more cost effective.
  •  Career in top MNC’s – In India, most of the MNC’s are US based. They require lots of CMA professionals every year.As CMA plays a critical role in an organization like Strategic Management, financial management, cost management and in decision making roles.

Buy CMA course online

Deciding the right choice for CMA course can be very difficult as each individual has different requirements and needs. However, there are some of the basic things that one has to keep in mind before choosing to buy the right CMA course online. Below is a list of important things to ponder while making the right choice;

  • A Reputed CMA USA Course institute like us, established in 2020, has been providing best-in-class online US CMA course to bridge the knowledge gap between national and international education. Mode of study (Online/classroom)-Today classroom study has been replaced by online/ blended mode. While looking for buying CMA Course Online one should ensure online/classroom support.
  •  Study material – It is very important to ensure that study materials arealigned with the guidelines/ blueprints issued by the IMA.
  •  Best CMA Classes – This is very crucial for a candidate to check the best CMA Classes faculty, what is the teaching pedagogy they adopt and their expertise in providing in-depth understanding of subject matters.
  •  Reliable source – Since there are many providers in the market who provide the same course with lucrative offers to attract candidates, one has to check whether they are authorized and approved by IMA or not.
  •  Affordability – As almost all top review course providers prepare their learning management software in line with guidelines/blueprint issued by IMA and have sufficient questions to practice. Hence, one should look for most competitive pricing.
  •  Learning management software – Candidate should look for an LMS which is equipped with adoptive learning technology which enable candidates to personalized his/her study plan as her their individual needs rather than investing inefficient study hours in conventional method.

We at KC GlobEd, provide US CMA course along with the Best CMA Classes (classroom/online)lectures from industry experts. Our online US CMA Course is also available in recorded lecture series for future revisions. We aim at providing affordable study materials which is authorized and approved by IMA in combination with world class adoptive learning technology that is the Best US CMA review course to help students pass the CMA exams faster than anyone else.Inaddition we also provide unmatchable support throughout the US CMA Course journey to each student.

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CMA Fees in India

CMA Course Fee in India includes:-

  •  Best US CMA Review course
  •  Best CMA Classes
  •  Membership, enrollment and admission fee to IMA.

KC GlobEd offers

Best US CMA review course in INR 49,900/- (excluding GST) and
Best CMA Classes in INR 15,000/- (excluding GST) only.

IMA Fee includes:-





IMA Membership Fees




CMA Exam Entrance Fees




Exam Application Fees

$345/ part

$345/ part

$460/ part

You can buy US CMA course online from KC GlobEd at the best price compared to the others in the market.


What are US CMA Course Details?

The US CMA Course has only 2 exams:

Part 1 – Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics

  •  External financial reporting decisions (15%)
  •  Planning, budgeting and forecasting (20%)
  •  Performance management (20%)
  •  Cost management (15%)
  •  Internal controls (15%)
  •  Technology and Analytics (15%)

CMA Exam Part 1 – Financial Planning, Performance and analytics in detail:

Topic 1 - External financial reporting decisions (15%) – This section focuses on financial statements for accounting information.
Topic 2 – Planning, budgeting and forecasting (20%) – This section tests the ability to merge the accounting concepts with the practical skill in finance.
Topic 3 – Performance Management (20%) – This section will deal with how performance is assessed in an organization, practice on defining a standard cost system and identifying as to why that will work best.
Topic 4 – Cost Management (15%) – This section deals with the operational and accounting aspect in an organization.
Topic 5 – Internal Controls (15%) – This section will require the knowledge of regulatory guidelines for corporate governance, policies, structure, risk and audits.
Topic 6 – Technology and Analytics (15%) – This section deals with how the use information system and use of technology and integrated systems can be used to manage data and automate financial tasks.

Part 2 – Strategic Financial Management

  •  Financial statement analysis (20%)
  •  Corporate finance (20%)
  •  Decision analysis (25%)
  •  Risk management (10%)
  •  Investment decisions (10%)
  •  Professional ethics (15%)

CMA Exam Part 2 – Strategic financial management in detail:

Topic 1 – Financial Statement Analysis (20%) – This section deals with testing of skills for analysing the financial health of an organisation.
Topic 2 - Corporate finance (20%) – This section deals with use of models for managing a corporation’s financial investments as well raising capital.
Topic 3 - Decision analysis (25%) – This section deals with costs, pricing, profit margins projecting pricing for goods and services, and how that pricing is affected by demand and supply.
Topic 4 - Risk Management (10%) – This section deals with addressing risk related concepts and practices which not only means describing the types of risks but also the elements of each type.
Topic 5 – Investment Decisions (10%) – This section deals with everything from risk analysis for capital investments to cash flow analyses.
Topic 6 – Professional ethics (15%) – This section is based on the ethical standards laid out by the IMA for each CMA. This requires remembering the 4 standards and how they are applied in the real world.

There are 3 exam windows in which a candidate can sit for the exam.

  • US CMA course fees in India - Get all the required CMA course details including the US CMA course fees in India structure at KC GlobEd and get all your queries quickly answered with a single tap of a button. Jan-Feb
  •  May-June
  •  Sept-Oct

Each exam duration is 4 hours, in which one can take a one time 10 minutes break. Each exam consists of 100 MCQ’s and 2 essay type questions. The MCQ’s carry 75% weightage whereas essays carry 25%. To clear the exam one must score 360 out of 500.

These exams can either be given in the Prometric Centers or as per IMA provision of online proctoring the exams can be given within the pristine of one’s home.

The Prometric centers in India are located in:

  • US CMA exam is known as one of the toughest management accounting professions in the industry. To know more about the CMA course fees structure, please feel free to connect with us. Gurgoan (Delhi NCR)
  • You may consult with us regarding the coaching for the CMA USA qualification, its course fees structure, and all the required details. Ahmedabad
  • Getting things sorted out will open up a sea of opportunities for you. It will make you qualified of becoming proficient, a CMA qualified professional, an expert in business management and accounting. Mumbai
  • US CMA qualified experts have a more satisfactory performance of the financial & management elements. They have hands-on experience about the obstacles that make them confident and assured whilst haggling with such circumstances in the organization. Bangalore
  •  Hyderabad
  •  Kolkata
  •  Chennai
  •  Trivandhrum

Although, you should indeed be consistent and motivated while preparing for the US CMA exams as the US CMA course duration is lengthy and require constant efforts.

What is Online US CMA Course Duration?

For online US CMA course duration, the usual time required by a student to complete the US CMA Course is 6-9 months. Some may take around 1 year to comfortably complete while the maximum limit is 3 years. These timelines are dependent upon certain factors such as basic knowledge, time management, easy/understandable notes etc. We at KC GlobEd provide unlimited classroom/virtual class access to our students until they pass both parts of CMA Exam.

What is US CMA Course Fees in India?

The approximate US CMA Course Fees varies from INR 1,40,000 to INR 1,80,000 depending on the review course provider and LMS chosen. The CMA course fees also are different for a student, academician and working professionals. IMA fee for CMA course in India is standard for respective category however; CMA Review Course Fee and tuition fee varies from institute to institute.

How to take US CMA Course Online?

Online classes in the 21st century are the beacon to success. This new -era of digital learning has opened the door to take learning experience from the industry experts across the globe. Candidates should look for subject matter expert luminary like, Kamal Chhabra who ensures your learning experience is engaging yet enjoyable and makes difficult topics easy to understand rather than looking at other nearby class options.

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