About Enrolled Agent courses in India:

An Enrolled Agent represents taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which is authorised by the United States government. To pursue US EA Course in India, you must have met the eligibility requirements (12th qualified) and have to complete the US Taxation Course and then pass a three-part exam.Here are US EA Course Details:

Individual and business tax returns, tax law and ethics are among the topics covered in the US EA Course

The time it takes to become an EA is determined by your personal circumstances. However, if you work full-time or have other obligations, it may take longer so you can take US EA Course online classes. 

US EA Course Syllabus:





Preliminary Work with Taxpayer Data - 17 questions

Business Entities – 28 questions

Practices and Procedures – 25 questions

Income and Assets - 21 questions

Business Financial Information – 39 questions

Representation before the IRS – 24 questions

Deductions and Credits - 21 questions

Specialized Returns and Taxpayers – 18 questions

Specific Types of Representation – 19 questions

Taxation and Advice - 14 questions


Filing Process – 17 questions

Specialized Returns for Individuals - 12 questions







These FAQs help you get more US Enrolled Agent Course Details and also get the insight about US ENROLLED AGENT COURSE EXAM FEES:


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is an Enrolled Agent (EA)?
1. The only tax professional with a federal licence who specialises in all aspects of taxation is an US Enrolled Agent Course . Taxpayers are represented by enrolled agents before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in matters involving taxes, such as audits, collections, and appeals.

How many parts does EA consist of?
2. The US EA Exam consists of 3 subjects: Individuals, Businesses and Representation, Practices & procedures.

How many times can a student take 1 paper in a year?
3. Each paper can be taken three times in a year.

Is EA a self-preparing course?
4. It is best to seek help in the form of a coaching class rather than trying to prepare on your own because coaching classes assist you in thoroughly covering the subject and provide numerous practical examples to make sure you are well-prepared for the exams.

What includes in EA training?
5. The IRS regulations, tax law-related topics, and various taxpayer-related scenarios are covered in the enrolled agent training. Most importantly, how the taxpayer could get the best and most efficient result.

When are the exams conducted? Are they conducted in India?
6. Exams take up the entire year, with the exception of March and April. Yes, the major cities in India agree to give EA exams (Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Bengaluru).

What is the time to complete all Three papers of the EA exam?
Within two years of the first exam's completion date, it must be finished. Each exam may be taken three times a year. you can also find US EA Course Details online.

How do you become an Enrolled Agent?

  1. The recognition of a Preparer Tax Identification Number;
  2. Certify a Special Enrollment Examination (SEE) application;
  3. Obtain passing marks on each of the SEE's three components;
  4. Registration for enrollment;
  5. Pass a suitability examination, which will include a check of your criminal history and tax compliance to make sure you have filed all required tax returns and there are no outstanding tax liabilities.

What is the Special Enrolment Exam (EA Exam)?
Prometric was chosen by the IRS to create and deliver the EA exam. Based on the results of the survey, the Exam Content Outlines (ECOs) and test questions were created. You can take the exam's various components in any sequence. Since emphasis changes based on new information and because tax laws are passed or changed, some variations from previous examinations should be expected every year.

Candidates for the US EA Exam must have completed their 12th grade and be enrolled in an undergraduate programme and should have a valid passport.

What are the US EA Course Fees in India?
The US EA Exam fees is 206 dollars per part.

US Enrolled Agent Course Fees consist some Application fees which is?
The Application fees after passing the US EA exam is 140dollars.

What is the average US enrolled agent salary in india?
it is approx 4-6 lacs per year.

What are the pass rates of the EA exam?
The average of the three sections is taken into account, the pass rate varies from 70% to 74%. A minimum of 10 hours per week should be set aside by applicants for their exam preparation.








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*Note: The 2022 EA exam pass rates aren’t available yet.